We are less than 2 weeks away from the FCC slashing Net Neutrality.

You want 4chan? that’s going to be an additional $14.99. Want to pay with PayPal today? $2.99 please.


In a practical world the internet should be free and not treated like a cable subscription, This act will kill many small companies and basically turn the internet we know now into a service that gets you this and that. Nothing like what the internet was designed for. The internet is a free place to do anything, including questionable things. Not everybody will be affected but many will. Big and small internet providers will filter and block our place of freedom. Hopefully, not every provider will be affected. We don’t have much time and this is becoming very much a real deal with time continuing. Please take time out of your day and take action. More information can be found at Battle for Net Neutrality.¬†This is your last chance to stop ISPs from messing up your Internet.


Assuming that the internet doesn’t go bonkers these next few weeks, See you on the other side.



Day 4,

Hey there world, Today was about is normal as most. Very small differences throughout the week. Such as different things to do in math class or the class size in biology. Math is still pushing the new website. Science is still attempting to turn the ignition key. English is on a roll. History is taking another step up the stairway…

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Day 3

Salutations World, School kept going and going, more and more things to do. The resource time provided on my schedule doesn’t line up too well with my class expectations :/¬†Otherwise it’s fairly normal compared to previous years. In the other half of my day I had to gas up, Made it to the place in time. We were told about…

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Day 2, Going in Strong!

Hey World, Today went great, a little different from yesterday. But still wonderful. Going into Math was a tad boring. Mainly because we still have not reached the point of actual work. Haven’t even got to unit 1. I guess I’m exaggerating for the first few weeks, lol. English and science went at a similar pace. the Kahoot in science…

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First actual day of school.

Hello world from august 22nd, Today marks the day that my school finally started. No more orientation nonsense and actual classes, Finally. Going in was a slow breeze, Talked with friends though most of it. It happens that my first two mods of the day are “Personal Resource Time”. I decided to head to the English room. Every teacher had…

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