First actual day of school.

Hello world from august 22nd,

Today marks the day that my school finally started. No more orientation nonsense and actual classes, Finally. Going in was a slow breeze, Talked with friends though most of it. It happens that my first two mods of the day are “Personal Resource Time”. I decided to head to the English room. Every teacher had his/her desk set up in different parts of the room. One teacher in particular didn’t think that was good enough and decided to take a picture of his face and put it in other teacher’s desk areas,

Other than that the day went through the normal course like a school day would. Nothing too interesting happened. The last half of the day I went to my technology/business oriented vo tech school. It was worth the 25 mile drive everyday to me. We went over orientation stuff and got passes, badges and not to say the least, usb drives. We also registered for an account and got that setup. For some reason when logging into office 365 microsoft complained about Debian and decides to log me out. I got frustrated for a few minutes and decided to use macos instead. That worked better. Can’t wait to learn more and have more to speak of.

See ya soon, World!


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