Day 4,

Hey there world,

Today was about is normal as most. Very small differences throughout the week. Such as different things to do in math class or the class size in biology. Math is still pushing the new website. Science is still attempting to turn the ignition key. English is on a roll. History is taking another step up the stairway day by day. On the other part of school we came up with topics and ideas for our first actual project, My group based off what school we came from(Which was just me and two other guys from other schools who were also the only one from their school) came up with an app for making our schedules more streamlined by telling navigation directions alongside notifications for schools utilizing flexible schedules. After school my first football concession stand work came, I maintained drinks. This consisted of sorting drinks into easily dispensable stacks, aside from that restocking drinks was also in place; Due to inventory pruning we didn’t restock tonight. That’s basically day 4.

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